30 दिसम्बर 2019 का करंट अफेयर्स (30 December 2019 Current Affairs in Hindi English PDF Download)

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30 December(नवम्बर) 2019 का करंट अफेयर्स जीके वन लाइनर के रूप मे हिन्दी मे pdf फ़्री डाउनलोड करे । 100% गारंटी है कि अन्य स्त्रोत की तुलना, हमारा करंट अफेयर संग्रहण परीक्षा की दृष्टि से अधिक फायदेमंद है । अभी फ्री में 30 December(नवम्बर) 2019 का करंट अफेयर पीडीएफ़ (pdf) डाउनलोड करे ।

30 December(नवम्बर) 2019 Current Affairs – सामयिकी प्रश्न उत्तर – यहाँ हमने 30 December(नवम्बर) 2019 भारत और विदेश से सम्बंधित कर्रेंट अफेयर्स के सवाल और जवाब हिंदी भाषा व संक्षिप्त में प्रकाशित किए है | यहाँ अंकित किए गए सभी करंट अफेयर्स प्रश्न 30 December(नवम्बर) 2019 के मुख्य समाचारों से लिए गए है जिन्हें हमने प्रश्न व उत्तर के साथ अंकित किए है| सभी प्रश्न व उत्तर आने वाली सरकारी व निजी नोकरी व परीक्षाओं (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam) के लिए आपके लिए महत्वपूर्ण व सहायक होंगे ।

30 December 2019 Current Affairs One-Liner in English – Here we have published the current affairs related to India and world in English language, in short. All the current affairs mentioned here have been taken from various newspapers, websites, and YouTube Channel. All the questions and answers will be important and become more helpful for the upcoming government and non-government competitive exams (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam).

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30 December (दिसम्बर) 2019

हिन्दी - 30 दिसम्बर 2019 करंट अफेयर


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English - 30 December 2019 Current Affairs
  1. Six-time world champion MC Mary Kom has confirmed his place for the Olympic qualifier competition in China next year by defeating Nikhat Zarin in the women’s 51 kg weight category. In this match of the national boxing trial, Mary Kom defeated Nikhat 9–1. Sakshi Chaudhary in the 57 kg category, National Champion Simranjit Kaur in the 60 kg weight category, Lavlina Borgohain in the 69 kg category and Pooja Rani in the 75 kg category made it to the Olympic qualifiers. The Olympic qualifiers will take place in China from February 3 to 14.
  2. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar unveiled his statue in Patna on the birthday of former Union Minister Arun Jaitley. On this occasion, Nitish Kumar said that Jaitley’s birth anniversary will be celebrated every year as a state function in the state.
  3. All India Radio organized National Poets Conference -2020 in New Delhi. In this, selected poets from all the 22 languages ​​included in the constitution participated. In this, poets from different parts of the country recite poems and enchant the audience. All the centers of All India Radio broadcast the Poet Conference at 10 pm on the eve of Republic Day. This conference is held every year continuously since 1956.
  4. Former West Indies cricket “Captain Clive Lloyd” has been given a knighthood because of his contribution to the sport. After this, he will now be called Sir Clive Lloyd. The West Indies Cricket Board confirmed the 75-year-old Lloyd’s knighthood on his official Twitter handle. The board has written that congratulations to the legendary West Indies captain Clive Lloyd.
  5. In Fiji, about two thousand people have taken shelter in emergency shelters due to the flood caused by the inn. The storm caused wind at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, causing severe damage to houses and crops, falling trees and disrupting power supply.
  6. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution strongly condemning the violation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar. Of the 193 countries in the world, 134 voted in favor while 28 countries did not participate. In this proposal, the Government of Myanmar has been asked to take appropriate measures to deal with the perpetrators of Rohingya and other minorities of Rakhine, Kachin and Shan provinces. Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations How Do Suan said that in this proposal, no efforts have been made to address the complex situation in Rakhine Province.
  7. Russia has developed the new hypersonic missile system Avangard. It is capable of hitting 27 times faster than the speed of sound. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin that the Avangard hypersonic missile system has been deployed in the southern Ural Mountains. It is capable of operating in temperatures up to two thousand degrees and can carry nuclear warheads of up to two megatons. President Putin described the Avangard missile system as a major technological breakthrough. He said that Russia has developed the Avangard missile because of the United States’ efforts to develop a missile defense system.
  8. The first five-day festival of Mandu is starting in Mandu, a city of magnificent and beautiful forts in Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is organizing this festival and it will have a glimpse of the mix of historical heritage and modern culture of the city.
  9. Alliance Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India, launched direct flight operations from Kalburgi to Bengaluru and Mysuru under the RCS-Udaan scheme. Kalburgi Airport has been constructed by the Airports Authority of India in collaboration with the state government. Meeting the long-term demand of the people, this airport is being operated under the government’s RCS-Udaan scheme. The development of this airport has paved the way for direct contact between the state headquarters and other commercial centers. Alliance Air currently connects 59 destinations, with Kalaburgi as Alliance Air will have 60 airports. With the commencement of operations on the Kalaburgi-Bengaluru-Mysuru air route, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is operating on a total of 238 routes under RCS-Udaan.
  10. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has queried new low-cost technology for the production of geranium plants. Different types of medicinal properties are found in geranium. This development has been done under the Aroma Mission. Currently, geranium is cultivated in poly houses. Now with the help of this new technology, agriculture of geranium can be done in the fields like other crops. One of the major problems with the cultivation of geranium is expensive plants. Due to the new technology, geranium plants will be available easily. The geranium plant originally found in South Africa is used in a wide variety of oils. The month of November is the best time for sowing geranium. Geranium is cultivated in India in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and North-Eastern India.
  11. Recently a double stalker train trial was run in the Western Freight Corridor. This train will be run at Rewari-Mother Station in Rajasthan and Haryana. DFCIL (Dedicated Freight Corporation India Limited) is currently operating freight trains at a speed of 75 km per hour. Now there is a plan to increase the speed of these goods trains to 100 kilometers per hour.
  12. China recently launched the heaviest rocket Long March-5 rocket, this rocket was launched from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan Province, China. Launched by this rocket called Shijian-20, the satellite weighs about 8 tons, the heaviest advanced communication satellite in China.
  13. CSC e-Governance India has started Aadhaar registration and related work. CSC e-Governance India is a special purpose vehicle under the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. CSC (Common Service Centers) e-Governance India has signed an agreement with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), under which Aadhaar registration, improvement, and the update will be done by CSC e-Governance India.
  14. On December 27, the United Nations approved a proposal for international policy formulation to combat cybercrime. An expert committee will be set up to hurt this new draft, it covers all the regions of the world, for this, a meeting will be organized in August 2020. The draft submitted by Russia was accepted by 193 member countries. The Budapest Convention was the first treaty on cybercrime, currently, it is the only body under the United Nations that deals with cybercrimes. India and Brazil have not adopted the treaty, these countries were not involved in its drafting.
  15. Indian scientists are currently having a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. In which damaged DNA can also be easily repaired. For this, such proteins have also been discovered, which will protect damaged DNA from being destroyed. Currently, this protein has been identified as Alk-B homolog-3 (ALKBH-3). Indian scientists have achieved this success during a campaign conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the treatment of cancer. Currently, research related to this is going on in many different institutions of the country. Among these, the responsibility of research related to DNA was assigned to IIT Hyderabad. However, later IIT Guwahati was also included. Meanwhile, a major effort in the last five years, due to the joint effort of the two IITs, has discovered an element in the human body that naturally prevents DNA from being destroyed.
  16. Veteran political cartoonist Vikas Sabnis has recently passed away. He recently completed a brilliant 50-year career in 2018. He was inspired by Bal Thackeray and RK Laxman. He has also served as a staff cartoonist in several newspapers, including Times of India and Mid-Day. He made caricatures and political cartoons on various subjects and issues. These include people from local to international level.
  17. Former Supreme Court judge Dr. S. Mohan is no more. He died at the age of 89. Justice Mohan, born on February 2, 1930, became the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court in 1989. In 1991, he became a judge in the Supreme Court from where he retired on 10 February 1995.
  18. The Reserve Bank of India has directed large cooperative banks to report all exposures of Rs 5 crore and above to the Central Store of Information (CRILC) on large credit. The move aims to address the financial crisis early. The total risk will include all fund-based and non-fund based risks such as partial loan growth, including investment risk on the borrower. As per the new rules, UCBs are required to submit the “CRILC” report on a quarterly basis from December 31, 2019. CRILC was created by the Reserve Bank of India. “CRILC” has been formed with commercial banks, All India Financial Institutions and some non-banking financial companies with some objectives including strengthening offsite supervision and early detection of financial crisis among others.
  19. The Army has developed an integrated safety system to prevent accidents during military transport. After this system is installed in army trucks, drivers will not be able to drive it by drinking alcohol or without a seat belt. The system is designed by Captain Omkar Kale of the Army and his team together. The system monitors the driver’s alcohol drinking. If the driver has drunk, the system will not start the truck. Not only this, the safety system also works if the driver does not have seat belts. This integrated safety system was used in the trucks manufactured at the Jabalpur Vehicle Factory for the Indian Army and was also successful. Army officials say this will reduce accidents.
  20. Weightlifter Seema, who won a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games 2017, has failed in the dope test. The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has banned him for 4 years. Nada has said that the dope sample of Seema was taken during the 34th National Weightlifting Championship held in Visakhapatnam this year. He was found guilty of violating the anti-doping rule due to the banned substance being found in his sample. Former Olympian boxer Sumit Sangwan also failed the dope test. Nada banned him for a year.
  21. Cold conditions are freezing in many areas of North India and in many places the temperature has gone below the minimum average level of the season. The Meteorological Department has issued a red warning for 28 December and 29 December in the national capital Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab, which means to warn people against cold.
  22. In Sikkim, the army has evacuated about fifteen hundred tourists stranded at Nathula in the eastern part of the state. From Gangtok, 15 hundred to 17 hundred tourists were stranded in three hundred vehicles due to heavy snowfall at many places on Jawaharlal Nehru Road. The army is working to clear the road with bulldozers and other equipment.


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