23 दिसम्बर 2019 का करंट अफेयर्स (23 December 2019 Current Affairs in Hindi English PDF Download)

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23 December(नवम्बर) 2019 Current Affairs – सामयिकी प्रश्न उत्तर – यहाँ हमने 23 December(नवम्बर) 2019 भारत और विदेश से सम्बंधित कर्रेंट अफेयर्स के सवाल और जवाब हिंदी भाषा व संक्षिप्त में प्रकाशित किए है | यहाँ अंकित किए गए सभी करंट अफेयर्स प्रश्न 23 December(नवम्बर) 2019 के मुख्य समाचारों से लिए गए है जिन्हें हमने प्रश्न व उत्तर के साथ अंकित किए है| सभी प्रश्न व उत्तर आने वाली सरकारी व निजी नोकरी व परीक्षाओं (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam) के लिए आपके लिए महत्वपूर्ण व सहायक होंगे ।

23 December 2019 Current Affairs One-Liner in English – Here we have published the current affairs related to India and world in English language, in short. All the current affairs mentioned here have been taken from various newspapers, websites, and YouTube Channel. All the questions and answers will be important and become more helpful for the upcoming government and non-government competitive exams (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam).

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23 December (दिसम्बर) 2019

हिन्दी - 23 दिसम्बर 2019 करंट अफेयर


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English - 23 December 2019 Current Affairs
  1. US President Donald Trump signed legislation to create Space Force, the sixth branch of the military. Under this, the US will now have a separate military force of 16 thousand soldiers, which will only deal with the threats arising in space. The same year, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DEA) of the US released the report. It said that China and Russia have developed technology capable of conducting intelligence, espionage and military tests in space. Both countries have succeeded in developing cyberspace capabilities. In addition to anti-satellite missiles, they also can attack with air lasers. The report said that the United States currently has hundreds of military satellites, which do not have any special security arrangements.
  2. NASA’s Astronaut Taxi Service suffered a major setback. The Boeing Company spacecraft Starliner missed the International Space Station (ISS). Instead, it reached the second grade. Crew capsules were sent to the ISS via this Boeing. The Academy astronaut was also seated in the capsule. It was released from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida via an Altus rocket. The Boeing company is already facing worldwide criticism for its flawed engine in 737 MAX aircraft. Under NASA’s commercial crew program Boeing and Space X were tasked to build privately operated spacecraft. It was under this that Boeing developed the Starliner.
  3. At the top of the FIFA world rankings, Belgium was voted FIFA ‘Team of the Year’ for the second time in a row after a successful year-end. In this list, world champion France remains second and Brazil remains third. Apart from no significant changes to the top spots, Qatar has jumped 38 places throughout the year, followed by its neighbors Algeria (32 ranks) and Japan (up 22 places).
  4. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) of the Indian Railways has produced its 3000th coach in less than 9 months, demonstrating dedication and efficiency. This will help meet the increasing demand for coaches. The number of working days to get the above figure last year was 289 days, which has come down to 215 days in the current year, a decline of 25.6%. By the year 2014, the same amount of time was being taken to produce only 1000 coaches.
  5. The government has decided to organize one hundred “skills haat” across the country in the next five years. Hunar Haat aims to provide markets and employment opportunities to artisans, craftsmen, and traditional culinary experts. In the last two years, more than two lakh 65 thousand artisans and artisans have been employed Hunar Haat. The first Hunar Haat was held in Jaipur in August-September this year. This Hunar Haat was attended by more than two hundred skilled artisans and culinary experts, including a large number of women artisans from every corner of the country. After this, many Hunar Haats were organized in different parts of the country.
  6. Ethiopia has successfully launched its first satellite, a landmark achievement for the country’s space program. The Ethiopian Remote Sensing Satellite (ETRSS) was launched from China’s space station. With this launch, Ethiopia has become the 11th African country to send satellites into space. Egypt launched the first satellite in 1998 in African countries. The data from the Ethiopia satellite is expected to depict a full range of agricultural, forestry and mining resources as well as improve the handling of floods and other disasters.
  7. European Council President Charles Mitchell spoke to the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, over the phone. The Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Michel on assuming the post of President of the European Council and best wishes for his successful tenure. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the India-EU partnership under Mr. Mitchell’s leadership will be further strengthened.
  8. Fitch Ratings has raised India’s gross domestic production rate estimates for FY 2019-20 to 4.4%. Fitch Ratings has projected a growth rate of 5.6% in FY 2020-21. Fitch Ratings had estimated GDP growth at 7.8% for the current fiscal year in September, now Fitch has revised its estimate. The GDP rate was estimated at 7.7% for the first April-June period.
  9. The Assam cabinet has decided to request the Center to make Assamese the language of the rest of the state, barring Bodoland districts, Barak Valley and hill districts. Speaking to reporters after the cabinet meeting in Guwahati, senior minister Hemant Biswarma said that the Assam government would ask the Center to amend Article 345 of the Constitution so that the Assamese could become the language of the rest of the state except Bodoland districts, Barak Valley and hill districts. In regions where the Assamese is not a state language, it will have the status of associate language.
  10. The country’s leading IT companies Wipro and NASSCOM have decided to launch a platform called “Future Skills” to train 10,000 engineering students. Through this, training will be imparted to students about Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc. The Future Skills Platform initiative is part of Wipro’s corporate social responsibility program ‘Talent Next’, aimed at improving the quality of engineering students by providing them training. “Future Skills” will prepare students for Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber ​​Security, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.
  11. India, Iran, and Afghanistan discussed Chabahar port on 20 December in New Delhi. The Chabahar port is a symbol of the cordial relations between India, Afghanistan, and Iran. This will also boost the economic development of the three countries. The Chabahar port will give India a simpler route to trade with Afghanistan. India has invested heavily in the development of Chabahar Port. Chabahar port is located on the southern coast of Iran, this port is strategically important. The port is located only 100 nautical miles from the Gwadar port built in Pakistan by China. India first proposed the development of Chabahar Port in 2003.
  12. The Ministry of Railways signed an MoU with the University of Birmingham to build the Center of Excellence for Next Generation’s transport system.
  13. The National Rail Transport Institute (NRTI), considered a university under the Ministry of Railways, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Birmingham (England) in New Delhi. The MoU was to establish NRTI’s first center of excellence for next-generation transportation systems.
  14. The Ministry of Water Power submitted its data on the supply and use of water by the people in the country. As per the data, around 3 lakh rural settlements in the country were denied the minimum prescribed provision of 40 liters per person per day (lpcd) of potable quality drinking water. The Water Ministry aims to achieve 55 LPCD by 2024.
  15. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced to continue its partnership with UNICEF through the Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 to empower women and girls through cricket. Funding from partnerships and public programs will continue to bring positive change in children through programs focused on empowering women and girls in cricket in cricket playing countries. The money raised during the Women’s World T20 will go to similar projects in cricket playing countries, including an innovative program to promote girls’ participation in cricket in Sri Lanka and to bring peace to communities. ICC’s global community outreach program ‘Cricket 4 Good’ ICC and UNICEF were partnered in 2015 as part of. During the men’s 50-over World Cup held in England and Wales in early summer this year, UNICEF raised $ 180,000 from ‘One Day 4 Children’, which will be directly placed in girls’ cricket projects in Afghanistan.
  16. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to buy and sell government securities worth Rs 10,000 crore under a special open market operation (OMO). The Reserve Bank has decided to buy and sell government securities on December 23, 2019, by reviewing the current liquidity and position in the market and assessing the financial conditions. The sale will be for government securities worth Rs 10,000 crore for subsidiary capital ‘6.45% GS 2029’. The Reserve Bank has the right to decide the quantity of the purchase/sale of securities and to accept bids/offers of less than the total amount.
  17. Jignesh Patel, a partner at the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship (CfHE) at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, has started Vaccination on Wheels Clinic in the PCMC area of ​​Pune city, Maharashtra. A service of its kind has been launched in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He received a grant for this service under the Foundation’s ‘Grand Challenge Exploration’. He then founded Jivika Healthcare to provide vaccination services.
  18. The first-ever Global Refugee Forum (GRF) was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 17-18 2019 December. The forum was co-hosted by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and co-convened (together) in Turkey, Germany, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica. The platform will provide an opportunity to strengthen the international response against war, conflict, and persecution by displacing people who have been displaced and leaving them with refugee status.
  19. It was the most searched on Google in India after the Reserve Bank announced a special open market operation ‘Operation Twist’ on the lines of the US Federal Reserve. The term was most searched in Delhi and then in Maharashtra. The Reserve Bank has decided to buy and sell bonds simultaneously, which is expected to reduce long-term interest rates. The Reserve Bank of India will sell small loans while buying long-term bonds. This is similar to what the US Fed ran a special open market operation called Operation Twist in the year 2011-2012, in which small loans were sold from the market and money from it bought long-term government loans, banks according to the need Buys and sells short-term and long-term bonds.
  20. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot has launched new policies related to Industrial Development Policy 2019 as well as Renewable Energy i.e. Solar Energy Policy 2019, Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy 2019 at a program in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The state government has also launched two investment incentive schemes, the Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme 2019 and the Chief Minister Small Industries Promotion Scheme 2019.
  21. The fifth ARTECH Symposium by the Indian Army on the subject of Technology for Non-Contact Warfare will be held on 23 December 2019 at the Manekshaw Center in Delhi Cantonment. It is a front-runner of the Indian Army, which sets the agenda for areas utilizing indigenous capabilities in the defense sector. The ARTECH Symposium was launched in 2016 as part of the Honorable Prime Minister’s overall vision of ‘Make in India’ and is organized every year as part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations. The ARTECH platform provides an opportunity to practitioners of military operations, policymakers in the Ministry of Defense, Industry and Education to put forward their contemporary defense-related capabilities. It is a platform for innovators in uniform to showcase their products and introduce them to the industry to refine and manufacture them.
  22. The symbolic train Hyderabad-New Delhi-Hyderabad Telangana Express has been launched in its first of its kind initiative by South Central Railway, which connects the state and the country’s capital. It is adorned with the colors and design of Singareni Coal Mines Company Limited (SCCL), one of the largest coal producers in India owned by the government and a major freight customer of the railways. SCR’s Secunderabad division has tied up with M / s SCCL and a rake of Hyderabad – New Delhi Telangana Express is covered by vinyl by SCCL.
  23. According to the Department of Telecommunications, 5G trials will start during January-March 2020. The Department of Telecommunications has received a total of 12 applications for the 5G trial, the department has not yet approved any application nor has it canceled any application. So far, the government has not clarified its decision on Huawei’s involvement either.
  24. Kannada writer and critic L.S. Seshagiri Rao passed away. His first work Idu Jeevana was a short story, released in 1948. He was popular for his book “Hosagannada Sahitya Charitre”. He was known for his criticisms and the English-Kannada dictionary he compiled. He was a scholar of Kannada and English, many of his writings served as bridges between these two languages.
  25. Nationalist Congress Party state president and former minister Thomas Chandy died in Kerala. He represented the Kuttanad assembly of the Alappuzha district in the state. He had to resign from the post of Transport Minister of Kerala in 2017 in the wake of allegations of land grab from the LDF government led by Pinarayi Vijayan.
  26. Avatar Singh Makkad, former chairman of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee passed away. He was 78. Shri Makkad was the Chairman of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee from November 23, 2005, to November 4, 2016. He was also the Vice President of Shiromani Akali Dal.
  27. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) conducted a 2-day regional level pollution response exercise called ‘Swachh Samudra NW 2019’ at sea in Vadinar in the Gulf of Kutch (WAK), Gujarat. The exercise was held from December 17-18, 2019. The purpose of the exercise was to create a response mechanism by the ICG, taking action for incidents of oil pollution.
  28. Patanjali Ayurved acquired its first major acquisition of soy food brand Nutrela Maker Ruchi Soya for Rs 4,350 crore through an insolvency process. Patanjali has fixed a liability of Rs 4,350 crore to Ruchi Soya towards financial creditors by way of equity of Rs 1,350 crore and arranging Rs 3,250 crore through debt. The acquisition will help Patanjali acquire edible oil plants and soybean oil brands such as Mahakosh and Ruchi Gold.
  29. Urdu writer Mujtaba Hussain announced the return of the Padma Shri award. He said, ‘Our democracy is being ruined. There is no system, if someone is being sworn in at 7 am, then the government is being run at night.
  30. The United Nations Security Council’s proposal to extend humanitarian aid to Syria’s four million people for a year has been blocked by Russia and China using a veto. Currently, humanitarian aid in Syria is routed through United Nations investigative centers and does not require the approval of the Bashar al-Assad government. The existing facility is expiring on January 10 next year. Germany, Belgium, and Kuwait moved resolutions in the Security Council to extend this period.


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