04 अप्रैल 2020 का करंट अफेयर्स (04 April 2020 Current Affairs in Hindi English PDF Download)

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04 April (अप्रैल) 2020 Current Affairs – सामयिकी प्रश्न उत्तर – यहाँ हमने 04 April (अप्रैल) 2020 भारत और विदेश से सम्बंधित कर्रेंट अफेयर्स के सवाल और जवाब हिंदी भाषा व संक्षिप्त में प्रकाशित किए है| यहाँ अंकित किए गए सभी करंट अफेयर्स प्रश्न 04 April (अप्रैल) 2020 के मुख्य समाचारों से लिए गए है जिन्हें हमने प्रश्न व उत्तर के साथ अंकित किए है| सभी प्रश्न व उत्तर आने वाली सरकारी व निजी नोकरी व परीक्षाओं (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam) के लिए आपके लिए महत्वपूर्ण व सहायक होंगे।

04 April 2020 Current Affairs One-Liner in English – Here we have published the current affairs related to India and the world in the English language, in short. All the current affairs mentioned here have been taken from various newspapers, websites, and YouTube Channel. All the questions and answers will be important and become more helpful for the upcoming government and non-government competitive exams (SSC, BANK, Railway, Clerk, PO, UPSC Exam).

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04 April (अप्रैल) 2020

हिन्दी - 04 अप्रैल 2020 करंट अफेयर


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English - 04 April 2020 Current Affairs
  1. The government has developed an app called Arogya Setu in collaboration with the private sector to inform people about Kovid-19. Using this app, people can assess the risk of corona infection. Run by Bluetooth and mechanical intelligence, this app will predict such infections based on contact with others. This app will help the government to take the necessary steps in time to assess the risk from the spread of Kovid-19 infection. Privacy is taken care of in this app and personal information stored in it is encrypted. Available in 11 languages, the app is ready for use across the country. This app is a unique example of the country’s young talent.
  2. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reported that three quasi-subspecies of COVID-19 are in circulation in the country. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, these species have arrived in India from other countries. COVID-19 cases in India originate from people with travel history. Therefore, this virus has come from outside India. So far it has not been confirmed how this virus is behaving in other parts of the world. However, the ICMR has confirmed that the virus in India has taken a different form due to the country’s external, biological factors and people living in the country. There are currently three types of this virus in the country.
  3. The Defense Research and Development Organization-DRDO has developed a bio suite to protect medical, paramedical and other personnel fighting the Kovid-19 from the virus. The Ministry of Defense has said that this bio-suit has been prepared for the protection of synthetic blood by undergoing rigorous testing of textile parameters with the help of industry. These bio suits are also above the norms set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  4. The Andhra Pradesh government revised the guidelines of the Navratnalu-Peddalariki Illu program. This scheme is called “House for all the poor”. The guidelines have been changed based on the directions of the High Court. Under this scheme, poor people with white ration cards will be allotted a housing space for 1 rupee. The state government will only charge Rs 20 (Rs 10 for stamp paper fee and Rs 10 for lamination fee) from the people. The beneficiaries will only have to build houses in the allotted space. They cannot sell the place. However, they can sell the house after occupying it for at least five years. “Navratnalu” is a major scheme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh government has nine (Navratna) welfare schemes.
  5. The National Monitoring Dashboard has been launched by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) to monitor complaints related to COVID-19. With the help of the dashboard, all complaints related to COVID-19 are monitored on a priority basis by a technical team of DARPG. The portal will be updated and monitored daily by senior government officials.
  6. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to purchase a multi-feed oxygen manifold developed by the Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam to cater to the need of oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients. The portable multi-feed oxygen manifold equipment was designed by Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam using a six-way header and single cylinder. This means that a single oxygen cylinder can be used to supply oxygen to six patients. Also, multi-feed oxygen manifold is portable and therefore easy to install in isolation wards to be installed in railway coaches.
  7. Sundaram Home Finance appointed Laxminarayan Duraiswamy as the new Managing Director of the company. He has taken over as the MD of Sundaram Home Finance on 1 April 2020. Sundaram Home Finance is a wholly-owned home finance subsidiary of Sundaram Finance Limited.
  8. On 1 April 2020, the Government of India notified that export schemes such as Export Promotion Capital Goods and Duty-Free Import Authority would be extended for one year. Also, the Government of India plans to extend the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 for one year by 2021. This policy aims to make India a major stakeholder globally. It aims to generate $ 900 billion in overseas sales by 2020. This will be achieved with the Digital India program and the Make in India program.
  9. Recently a scientific advisor to the Government of India issued guidelines for making masks at home. He also stressed that these masks are 70% safe and effective in preventing the spread of the virus. People in densely populated areas have been asked to wear masks. This will help prevent the virus from entering the respiratory system of the person. Masks used to prevent the virus have been asked to be washed with soap or disinfectant. Also, boiling the mask in hot water has been suggested. The Indian government has also suggested that double-layered 100% cotton cloth should be used for this type of mask. This is because they are effective like a surgical mask. These 100% double layered cotton masks protect against particles that are five times smaller than the virus.
  10. On April 1, 2020, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) revised the maximum price of 883 scheduled formulations. The authority also stated that the situation of disruption in the supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients is now normalizing. The NPPA has notified 24 classes of medical devices as drugs under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. The price of other non-scheduled medical devices is being monitored by the authority. The Authority has also decided that no manufacturer or importer will increase the price of these listed devices by more than 10% for 12 months.
  11. The United Nations’ COP26 Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow in November has been postponed to next year due to COVID-19. The decision has been made by the COP Bureau of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in collaboration with UK and Italian partners.
  12. India and China have postponed all events scheduled to commemorate the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations due to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the leaders of the two countries exchanged congratulatory messages. India was the first non-communist country in Asia to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. Today, despite problems such as border issues, both countries have strong trade relations. India-China trade reached US $ 90.1 billion in 2019. Also, India is pressuring China to open its markets to Indian pharmaceutical and IT companies. This is being done to reduce the US $ 57 billion trade deficit with China.
  13. “PhonePe” has announced the launch of Coronavirus Hospitalization Insurance Policy “Corona Care” in association with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. PhonePe users can buy a coronavirus virus policy for themselves by going to the My Money section on the PhonePe app. The entire purchase process of this policy will take less than 2 minutes and after which customers will be issued the policy-related documents on the PhonePe app immediately.
  14. The Wimbledon competition has been canceled on April 1, 2020, due to coronavirus threats. The tournament has been canceled for the first time since World War II. Wimbledon was scheduled on the outskirts of London between June 29, 2020, and July 12, 2020. It has been canceled due to the lockdown condition and threats posed by COVID-19. The next edition of this tournament will be held between June 28, 2021, and July 11, 2021.
  15. The World Athletics Championships to be held in 2021 were postponed to 2022. The championship was to be held in Eugene, Oregon in 2021 from August 6 to 15. The announcement was made just after the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which was now postponed to July 23 – August 8, 2021, due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  16. For the first time in the history of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, a Justice has taken oath of the Constitution of India. Justice Rajnish Oswal was sworn in by Chief Justice of the High Court Geeta Mittal. With this, the number of judges has increased to nine in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court. Till now, judges were sworn in by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, but after the formation of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the judges will be sworn in the Constitution of India.
  17. The World Health Organization states that more than 95 percent of people killed in Europe by the coronavirus were over 60 years of age. However, the organization’s head of Europe affairs, Dr. Haynes Kluge, said age is not solely responsible for the death. He said that Kovid-19 only catches the elderly, it would be wrong to say. He said that many youths have also been infected, some of whom have had to be put into intensive care and some have died. Dr. Clugh also stated that at least four out of every five people from Kovid-19 were already suffering from diseases like heart, stress or diabetes. There have also been cases when the treatment of a person over a hundred years of age in the hospital was completely successful.
  18. The Department of Telecommunications and C-DOT has developed an application in collaboration with telecom service providers that can automatically send email or SMS whenever a corona-infected person goes anywhere from the quarantine location. It has been named as Kovid Quarantine Alert System. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked agencies of state governments to use this system. Second, established a standard operating procedure to conduct location-based surveillance of potential cases of coronavirus based on network data. A large number of requests for this system have already been received from the state agencies of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, and Bihar.
  19. Fact Check Unit has started functioning to give factual and official information about Kovid-19. The government had decided to set up Kovid-19 Fact Check Unit-FCU in the Press Information Bureau-PIB, the media unit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This unit will receive the message by email from pibfactcheck@gmail.com and send the reply on time. Any official information about the employee Kovid-19 can be obtained from this unit. Director-General of the Press Information Office, Nitin Walkankar heads this unit.
  20. World Autism Awareness Day was observed every year on 2 April. It aims to inspire UN member states to spread awareness about autism spectrum disorder. For this, resolution 62/139 was passed by the United Nations General Assembly on 1 November 2007.
  21. Tony Lewis, the founder of the Duckworth-Lewis method used for the outcome of rain-limited limited overs cricket matches, has died. It was announced by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Tony Lewis, along with his mathematician partner Frank Duckworth, presented the Duckworth Lewis method in the year 1997. It was officially approved by the International Cricket Council-ICC in the year 1999. This method based on mathematics is used in limited-overs international cricket matches when the game is interrupted by rain. The Duckworth Lewis method has also been criticized for not being compatible with cricket’s shortest format Twenty-Twenty matches.
  22. Hajuri Ragi Padmashree “Nirmal Singh Khalsa”, formerly of Corona virus-infected Sri Harimandir Sahib, died in “Guru Nanak Dev Hospital”. Khalsa, 62, suffered cardiac arrest and stopped breathing.
  23. Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter Adam Schlesinger died due to Kovid-19. Also, Adam was the co-founder of the 2000 pop-rock band ‘Fountain of Wayne’. Adam Slessinger was also nominated for Oscars, Tonas, Grammys, and Emmys in his career. Adam won an Emmy Award in 2019 for his excellent original music and song Are So Not A Big Deal in his antidepressant TV musical drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He also received a Grammy in 2009 for his work in A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All.
  24. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Philip Warren Anderson died at the age of 96. He was born on December 13, 1923, in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977 along with Neville Francis Mott of Britain and American John Hasbrook van Vleck for their contributions to the fundamental theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of magnetic and disorder systems. He served in the Navy during World War II, in which he was assigned to work in the US Naval Research Lab.


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